Patient Information

Before surgery: the face-to-face consult

Your first visit with us is your chance to meet Dr. Salamen and have a thorough consultation with him before proceeding with surgery. This laid-back visit will often include talking with Dr. Salamen about your personal dental and medical history and current problems you may be experiencing. Dr. Salamen will take time to understand your goals for surgery, and discuss all of the options with you so that you are able to make the best decisions based on his expertise and your goals. Often, the consultation is a separate visit from any surgical procedure, but we are equipped to see patients for same-day treatment as well.

Preparing for surgery:

We will review preparation instructions with you at your first consultation based on the specific surgical procedure that you are having. Patients who are being sedated will generally need to have nothing to eat or drink for 8 hours before their procedure, while patients who are only undergoing local anesthesia are able to eat or drink beforehand. Please refer to the instructions sheet that we give to you at your first consultation. If you are taking a pre-medication before surgery, take it with a very small sip of water.

Patients receiving sedation will also need a responsible driver who is at least 18 years of age to be able to drive them home.

Loose-fitting, comfortable clothing and secure shoes are good choices when you are having a surgical procedure. Jewelry, body piercings, and eye contacts should all be left at home.

Safety and sterilization:

Our staff brings years of experience in maintaining strict infection control and techniques. We participate in regular self-checks and work continuously to ensure effective methods and improve quality for your safety. All of our instruments are sterilized in our on-site ultrasonic and autoclave machines.

What to expect during surgery:

Dr. Salamen is committed to providing for your comfort from consultation to surgery and afterwards. We offer multiple types of anesthesia which we will discuss with you at your consultation.

Your procedure will be completed by expertly trained staff, who will monitor your procedure at all times. Anesthesia and pain medication will keep you comfortable, and our treatment rooms will ensure privacy during your time at our office. Any friends or family that accompany you to your appointments will enjoy a quiet, sophisticated lounge area, with WIFI and natural lighting.

Taking care of yourself after surgery:

At your consultation, we will discuss specific ways to care for yourself after surgery based on your specific surgery. Our goal is to minimize any discomfort using post-surgery techniques such as icing or heat and pain medications. You have access to Dr. Salamen 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Emergencies and after hours care:

If you experience a dental emergency and should need care after hours, Dr. Salamen can be reached by calling the office phone, 734.726.0760. We are able to accommodate and care for most facial traumas from accidents or other mishaps.

Additionally, if you have had surgery with us and think that you may need additional care after hours, please call us.

As always, if you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency, you should call 911.


Our employees have years of experience in caring for children and are able to accommodate children of all ages for procedures or surgeries at the office.

Privacy Policy

We take your privacy very seriously. All of your health information is protected, and any documents containing sensitive information will be shredded once they are stored in our highly encrypted dental software.

Additionally, our staff is trained in compliance with national standards of patient privacy as set forth by the HIPAA guidelines. You may view a copy of our privacy statement here or request a copy at our office.