Patient Reviews

Our greatest satisfaction comes from the kind words and positive reviews of our amazing patients. We are so grateful for the opportunity to provide excellence and compassionate patient-focused care to every individual we treat. Below are testimonials from some of our patients.

Doctor Salamen and his staff have crazy Big Hearts! I have never met a doctor so compassionate and professional.

My seven year old daughter developed what we know now as a Pyogenic granuloma(tumor) in the front of her mouth where her top baby tooth fell out. It grew very fast and we were told by a different doctor it may be an infection. Simple daily activities were becoming difficult along with being made fun of at school. We were also told we would possibly have to wait up to 30 days for a provider inquiry before performing surgery. Upset and scared I called Dexter oral surgery & implant center around closing on a Friday told them my long frustrating story hoping they could help. Dr. Salamen actually called me from his car on his way home. His staff had us in his office on Monday and in surgery the following Monday. My little girl was so scared Dr. Salamen has this sweet, caring way about himself that just makes you feel better! So much thought went into every detail of our daughters surgery! The surgery and the healing process was amazing!

Dr. Salamen did such a great job you wouldn't have even known my daughter had surgery the day of! No bleeding, no swelling, eating normal, playing normal, right back to her bubbly self and excited to go back to school and show off her smile! Dr. Salamen himself even took the time to call us the evening of surgery to check and see how my daughter was doing. We are so grateful and thankful for everything Dr. Salamen and his staff did for our family, definitely went above and beyond! Highly recommended!!!!

—Colleen, Pinckney, MI

“Our family is new to Dr Salamen’s practice. We are fortunate to have found a professional and caring surgeon and staff. We have seen Dr Salamen two times recently (one child wisdom teeth extraction and another child two teeth extraction for braces), and each time we have been completely satisfied. No complications for either of the surgeries and recovery / healing was quick. From the beginning of the process – professional and helpful staff that reviews the charges and what is covered by insurance. To the consultation by Dr Salmon reviewing the procedure, answering any questions and putting the patient at ease. To the procedure and making the patient the most comfortable they can be and the surgery being as minimally invasive as possible for quick healing and reduced pain. To the follow up phone call the evening of the procedure from the Dr himself to check on the patient and make sure they are doing well. 

I would
highly recommend Dr Salamen to friends and family. We would not hesitate to go back for any future procedures that would be needed. Thank you Dr Salamen (and staff) for the amazing care you have given to our two boys!


“Should be 10 stars available! Two weeks ago I walked into Dexter Oral Surgery a complete basket case! I was not prepared to visit an oral surgeon for a tooth extraction. Not only did they wait for me to get there (during rush hour traffic and two detours), they were gracious in honoring my dentist office quote. HIGHLY professional and incredibly caring! If you ever find yourself in need of an oral surgeon, THIS is the place to go! Thank you so very much!”


“I had a rear molar pulled last week. Dr. Salamen did a great job, as did all of the staff; and everyone is friendly and courteous. I highly recommend the Center to anyone whose teeth need surgical attention!”


“I took my six year old here yesterday with an emergency and we were so encouraged by the experience. Coming in scared and hurt, Dr. Omar and his staff made my son feel safe. They explained what would happen, took their time, even offered him a juice box and cookie. As a mom I was relieved to have such an experienced staff taking care of my boy. The doctor even called in the evening to check in and make sure my son was doing well.

I wouldn’t hesitate to go back or recommend them to anyone in need of care. Thank you, Dr. Omar!”


“Dr. Salamen is so kind, compassionate, and caring. He and his staff are top notch, and they make you feel like you are the most important patient they’ve ever had. I highly recommend them. A+++++”


“Dexter Oral Surgery and Implant Center did an absolutely phenomenal job. I recently got all 4 of my wisdom teeth out with little puffiness and no bruising. Doctor Salamen was very kind and helpful and I highly, highly recommend that you stop in to see them. The staff is incredibly nice and they have a beautiful facility.

They worked hard with me and my family to help me get my teeth out for a price that couldn’t be beat and they took my family’s insurance! E
xcellent job, excellent care… this is the place to go. Thank you so much Dr. Salamen and team!”


“Just had my wisdom teeth removed. Totally scared. Procedure was easy. No swelling, I think because of how well the extraction was done. Could not be happier.

If you need an extraction, this is an excellent choice.
Very clean facility, very professional staff, extremely well done procedure. I was also impressed with Dr. Salamen’s training and credentials. Will take my kids here when the time comes. (Also good place for sports dental injuries! )


“Awesome place, highly recommend. Very friendly, above and beyond expectations.”


“Dr. Salamen has got to be the sweetest, most caring dentist I’ve met thus far. He took his time with me and made sure I felt no pain during my procedure, he also made sure to talk me through every step he was doing and what all I would feel or hear so I won’t freak out. (For someone who has anxiety this was very helpful in keeping calm)

staff was great, made me feel at ease and comfortable. Probably the quickest dental visit I’ve ever had, paperwork was quick, and the procedure itself was a breeze.

I would
highly recommend him for any dental procedures, you won’t be disappointed.”


“I’ve had oral surgery many times, always a trauma until I found Dr Salamen. Staff is super friendly and office is very calming. Glad we found him, my daughters also give him rave reviews for their wisdom tooth extraction. Best dental experiences I’ve ever had. I’m phobic about extractions and feel more at ease with this group than any before. Don’t shop around, make it easy on yourself”


“We were referred to Dr. Omar Salamen by our orthodontist because my daughter has a tooth lying horizontal under her gum line that cannot be brought up with braces. The office was a bit tricky to find, so we arrived a few minutes late. The receptionist was really nice and said “it happens all the time”. They took us in right away, Dr. Salamon was very professional and talked to us like he had known us for years….it was the first time we’ve ever met. They took a CT Scan then explained the next steps saying he may not need to surgery, just leave it since it is not interfering with other teeth. Said he will have a consultation with the orthodontist and they will let me know what the confer. I liked that he was not immediately about performing surgery since it may not be necessary. He was great with my daughter and she really liked him as well. Just seems trustworthy and kindhearted. I would highly recommend Dr. Salamon.”


“Dr. Salamen, You are the full package physician! After seeing you in action with our son Luke today, you’ve moved into the position for BEST PHYSICIAN. As parents, to meet Luke’s needs we need a list of professionals. All with grand intentions but unfortunately in a system that doesn’t always allow for the additional time, patience, respect, humor, etc…Those attributes paired with your compassion and talent sets you apart from the rest. They are embedded in your value system. You’re a gift, not just a visit. Thank you for who you are and what you do!”